Title:Global Summit on Agriculture and Organic Farming
Category:Sciences: Agriculture
Description:The present research on Emerging technologies and Strategies, Integrated farming and Sustainable Agriculture, Crop improvements, the most current updates in Plant and Soil Science , Agriculture & Organic farming are hallmarks of this Conference. Lead introductions, disseminate data, foster networking with present and potential specialists, make a splash with latest improvements, and participation acknowledgment at this II day occasion. Agriculture Asia Pacific 2020 makes you move, learn and embrace better approaches to enhance Agriculture and Organic Framing professional career prospects.
Meta Keywords:Agriculture, USDA, Farmers, Farming, OrganicFarming, Sustainable, Crops
Meta Description:Agricultural Asia Pacific 2020 will be held during August 17-18, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. Agriculture conference 2020 mainly focuses on the theme "A Sustainable Eco-Friendly Agricultural Approach to Crop Improvement".
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